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Writer, wife, cat mother. I know too much about Jonestown and the Nixon presidency. I love red lipstick and The Beatles. Neurodivergent. I could live on sushi.

The sky was blue perfect on that day, the day we said goodbye, the day we buried him.

When you are siblings, and have been for over 25 years, your names sort of meld to become one, especially when you are being discussed as some sort of entity, like “The…

Photo by Rex Pickar on Unsplash

I make a most impatient patient.

Out of nowhere, on Wednesday of last week, I had a bout of lightheadedness slam into me.

Yes, slam. That’s the word that fits the best. …

Photo by Scott Umstattd on Unsplash

My favorite analogy for my most loathed foe: depression

I’ve been bipolar my entire life. There. I said it.

I was finally diagnosed in the summer of 2000. This came after I spent three days of pacing, vomiting, more pacing, shaking, trembling, and not making any sort of real sense…

I’ve been locked in a nasty battle with you for 21 years, angry and outraged, and determined to strong-arm you into getting out of my life. It’s been wasted energy on my part, because your energy is formidable and endless.

There is nothing worse for a bipolar person than a…

In the ER at Mayo Clinic Scottsdale (photo by the author)

I was supposed to spend the day cheering on my Arizona Diamondbacks. Instead, I was in the Mayo Clinic ER for chest pains and fainting.

There is nothing that can be construed as elegant when you are in the hospital for any reason. There’s the fashionable gown you wear that…

Because beating myself up for being sick is bullshit.

I was raised to never show the least little bit of weakness, especially when it came to illness. I developed the chicken pox when I was 16 and I had to miss two weeks of school. I was dizzy and exhausted…

I lurked on your Pinterest account.

Then you died.

Ironic that I found your Pinterest while I was ill. A friend of a friend of a friend, I fell down the well of page after page after page as I languished in my bed.

I found you to be fascinating…

Nothing to do with the story, exception for the comfort they bring. Photo by Laura Linger.

I’ve hit another bump in a road that seems to be peppered with nothing but potholes and crumbly gravel.

I got out of the hospital last month after some suicidal ideation, and after nine days in, I felt better…and I was officially Off Lexapro, a med I never really liked…

Bukowski in beautiful colors. Photo by Laura Linger.

I made this in recreational therapy while I was in the hospital. I spent nine days tapering off of Lexapro, a medication that no longer suited me. The nine days required tenacity on my part, but here in the strange thing: the whole thing really was not that bad. There…

Laura Linger

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